S. Iqbal Singh Ji

Patron of the School

S. Iqbal Singh Pannu

Late S Iqbal Singh Ji was the founder of ASM Public School, driven by a noble vision to illuminate the lives of many through the power of education. He dedicated himself to the cause, investing his efforts and hard work to establish the school. His dream was to provide access to quality education to all, regardless of their background or circumstances.
The support of his family members was invaluable in bringing his vision to life. Late S Sewa Singh played a crucial role as a guiding figure, offering wisdom and support throughout the school’s journey. Additionally, the school received unwavering support from various individuals, both locally and internationally, who became patrons and contributed significantly to its growth.
Among the notable patrons were S Gurnam Singh from the USA, S Kirpal Singh from Australia, S Sumeet Singh from the USA, and Dr. Devender Singh Kahlon, along with others who generously supported the school’s mission. Their contributions, both financial and moral, have been instrumental in shaping ASM Public School into what it is today.
Thanks to the collective efforts of these dedicated individuals, ASM Public School continues to thrive and fulfill its founder’s dream of spreading the light of education to all, empowering generations of students to lead successful and fulfilling lives. The impact of their contributions resonates through the lives of countless individuals who have benefited from the school’s commitment to excellence in education.