How to Apply to School

How to Apply to School

Unlock the doors to a world-class education at ASM Public School by simply registering! We warmly welcome boys and girls from all backgrounds, regardless of class, creed, or community. While registration is an essential step, it’s important to note that admission is granted based on various factors, ensuring a fair and unbiased selection process. Join us on this exciting journey towards academic excellence!

Although we receive an overwhelming number of applications each year, we strive to maintain a conducive student-to-teacher ratio that fosters individualized attention and a supportive learning environment. As such, admission cannot be guaranteed solely through registration. Nonetheless, we assure you that every application is given due consideration, and we endeavor to provide a prompt and courteous response to all applicants.

Join us at ASM Public School, where lifelong learning begins and dreams take flight. Experience an education that goes beyond the boundaries of classrooms, empowering students to embrace their unique potential and excel in all aspects of life. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of our vibrant educational community – register today!

Admission Procedure

Kindly fill in the admission form and submit:

Documents required:

  1. Card size recent smiling colour photographs of the child pasted on the admission form.
  2. One certified true copy of school reports of the last years for our record purposes.
  3. One certified true copy of the child’s  birth certificate. (Orignal birth certificate should not be submitted at the time of submitting the application.)
  4. Photocopy of proof of residence.

If admission is granted, parents will have to submit the following:

  • I-Card size photo one each of child, father & mother.
  • 4 passport size recent smiling colour photographs of the child.
  • Orignal copy of Leaving Certificate from the last school attended duly attested vy the Education officer in case of Inter state transfer. (If applicable)
  • Admission fees and the first installment amount as applicable (Along with the postdated fees cheques of the balance yearly fees.)

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